Playing around Computational BIM & Computational Design: the Twisted-Foils

These days I’m really regretting the good old and I really hope that soon returns in other guises. However, I have systematized a simple workflow that allows me to perform some practical interoperability operations (not live connections) between Revit+Dynamo and Rhino+Grasshopper. On the one hand for research purposes, on the other for personal curiosity, […]

Data viz
Simple Dashboard of Users’ Feedback

Development of a dashboard to visualize the user’s appreciation in relation to the feedback collected through a data mining process. Data visualization is one of the most requested skills in the field of computational design, it is the best way to effectively communicate the project results.  

Case study
iOS Developer Academy: progettazione-ottimizzazione

Dipartimento di Architettura DiARC – Università degli Studi di Napoli “Frderico II”, Napoli (Italia) Collaborazione come architetto designer con il prof. arch. Sergio Russo Ermolli per la progettazione e ottimizzazione degli spazi interni della nuova sede universitaria “Federico II” di San Giovanni (NA) destinati alla “iOS Developer Academy”.