The architect's profession has not changed, rather his relationship with tools and the ability to conceive new ones has changed. This paradigm shift has effects on the quality of his work and finally on the added value that he can offer to his interlocutors whether they are professionals or end-customers.

Architect | PhD | Computational Designer | Environmental Designer

Chartered Architect

ART (Authorized Rhino Trainer)

Think out-of-the-box

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I am an Architect* and a PhD in Sustainable Technologies, Recovery and Representation of Architecture and the Environment at the University of Naples “Federico II” – DiARC (Department of Architecture).
I was born in Naples, graduated as a surveyor with honours, I live a “short” academic parenthesis of 5 years as a student of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Naples “Federico II”. Having supported more than 20 exams I decide to change air-enrolling at the Faculty of Architecture in Naples, where I graduated with honours with a thesis in environmental design and parametric design and its publication.

I am focused on Computational Design and Environmental Design.
I have had the opportunity to face and solve, according to a computational thinking approach, some design aspects of the Apple iOS Developer Academy of Naples (my PhD case history).


Environmental Design Analyst at Foster + Partners

- Environmental Design Analyst
- R&D
- Tools, Scripting & Coding improvements

- Often friend of beers =)


Architect ,Computational Designer & Researcher for i-Mesh Architextile:

- Improve material performance management and simulation
- Workflow optimization from the design team to production
- Management of R&D activities with universities (POLIMI, Univ. Perugia, Univ. Camerino, ILEK Stuttgart, Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin)
- Development of algorithms to calculate/analyze the material performance
- POLIMi algorithm management for structural optimization
- Digitization / Render Viz of i-Mesh patterns,
- Parametric Environmental Design

[2018-2021] Active member of the Digital Architect B.I.M. commission of the Naples Architects Order “Ordine APPC di Napoli” (National Architects Register)

What I like

Operate in the field of design and construction without forgetting Climate & Human/Natural Environment, I like using methodologies based on the computational approach to technological design and diving into information modelling. This path consolidates a profile of skills that qualify an Architect as a computational + environmental designer. I like solving challenges and developing new workflows/tools according to the team's requests/expertise.

I used a lot of different software such as Catia, AutoCAD, REVIT+Dynamo, Archicad, Rhino+Grasshopper (I am ART), 3D Studio Max, Cinema4D, V-Ray. About data Viz: Excel, Tableau Public, Power BI (Microsoft), Processing ..and many others… sometimes I like scripting and coding in C#/C++ and Python (GH).
Learning new methods/workflows and consequently new software tools as the work requires is a natural way of growing ourselves - I find it highly natural especially around the Rhino+Grasshopper environment (they are my natural habitat)

Anyway, soft skills make the difference

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I am not a Programmer but, as a “Digital” Architect,
I like “breaking and hacking” the code
to better perform/optimise
the Architectural project and its design.

Luciano Ambrosini
Arch | PhD | Computational designer