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Ambrosinus Toolkit – Main page

I am developing in my free time a personal Grasshopper toolset – Ambrosinus Toolkit (ATk) is coded in C# (C-sharp) .NET Framework by Microsoft Visual Studio.

Some user objects are developed in Python and sometimes clusterized in a user-friendly component. Currently, with v1.2.7 I have updated all C# components to the Grasshopper core version 7.35.23346.11001  – this way the user can get the toolkit inside Rhino v7 and Rhino v8. 

Please intend this project as a Work in Progress.

You can find a full description of all components on my GitHub Wiki page.

Current sub-categories:

Download this plugin from HERE
and check for the latest version

Support forum
If you encounter any issues
or failures, please let me know!

Installable since v1.1.1 directly from Rhino Package Manager – Search and install it! 😉


Components showroom

Ambrosinus-Toolkit ALL components



A = Added; R = Replaced: U = Updated;
If you watch the video on YouTube can jump to specific frames of your interest, simply give a look at the video description.

Interested in my works? see *About Me* section and contact me by email and/or by social