MC Wordcloud: Scripting as Creative expression of the Design

Scripting as creative expression of the Design. Workflow developed to generate the Apple iOS Developer Academy “Wordcloud” (window-frame of the Main Classroom). The need to create an ad hoc script arose from the need to adapt the “cloud” to surfaces with different dimensional characteristics and, above all, to generate a digital file capable of being printed without loss of detail. I call it a “Design-Hacking” operation.



Some shots


When processing comes to your aid and Rhinoceros + Grasshopper play the dirty game …

An academy for programmers could not fail to have its Easter Egg … and did you find out where it is in WordCloud?


Easter Egg… just for your curiosity


1N73LL1G3NC3 15.7H3.4B1L17Y 70.4D4P7 70.CH4NG3

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” ―Stephen Hawking

In the next article, I will explain this kind of transliteration (text-encoding)