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ATk v1.2.9 fix and small updates

In addition to fixing some minor bugs, this version introduces a few small improvements to the user experience of certain components such as AItxtToimg, AIimgToimg, and AIoutpaint. Indeed, with this update, it is possible to obtain the updated list of checkpoint annotators for Stable Diffusion and ControlNET, Samplers, and resizing modes by simply connecting a basic value list component to the corresponding input parameters.

"AItxtToimg" and "AIimgToimg" autopopulating with Stable Diffusion keys/items
"AIoupaint" autopopulating with Stable Diffusion keys/items

Inside leaks: I have introduced the auto-populating feature since to preserve the Grasshopper usability of these Stable Diffusion components. Most of you already know that WebUI offers many features, but some of them trigger different issues or tricky procedures in reproducing them in the Grasshopper environment. Anyway, I am always open to any useful suggestions/advice/requests 😉.

For this reason, all checkpoint annotators, samplers, or resizing options may have an internal code sequence that doesn’t match the WebUI exactly. Therefore, it’s advisable to keep abreast of the ATk developments.

Furthermore, within the “Manage” sub-category, I have added a small new component, ValueListPopulator, capable of auto-populating a simple value list with the option to add quotation marks to the item values

"ValueListPopulator" component (since v.1.2.9)
VlaueListPopulator GH description
Here is a brief demonstration
"ValueListPopulator" component (since ATk v.1.2.9)

Finally, a funny component to support the ATk dev through a kindly friendship gesture which I formalized with an ancient Neapolitan tradition: na’ tazzulel e’ cafè in compagnia – a cup of coffee shared with friends/colleagues/acquaintances. I would like to share this concept through the ATk support BuyMeACoffee component available in the “About” sub-category. I recommend running it or at least seeing the meaning of the “pending coffee” – caffè sospeso in Italian – an elegant practice well-known in Naples (a personal tribute to Eng. Luciano De Crescenzo).

For the youngest the “BuyMeACoffee” is typical DEV stuff 😎

"ATk support - BuyMeACoffee" component (since ATk v.1.2.9)
"ATk Support BuyMeACoffee" context menu
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