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D³ Awareness: from the Computational Thinking to the birth of a new Designer Professional Role

Article (2015) in ITA and ENG versions taken from my doctoral thesis in which I invite the reader to reflect on some critical aspects of the profession of architect and designer and on some issues identified globally in terms of teaching new technologies (BIM and computational/parametric approaches).

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Small abstract. This document examines the paradigm shift in architectural design and product design through the digitization of processes. It discusses how the computational approach to design (Computational Design), based on the concepts of parameter and algorithm, allows the optimization of digital design. It underlines the importance of computational thinking, introduced by Seymour Papert, as a pedagogical tool to gain greater methodological awareness in design. It then analyzes the new skills required of the digital architect, such as problem-solving, to meet the demands of the AEC industry. It identifies the emerging figure of the technologist designer, with both strategic and technical skills, able to bridge the gap between concept and implementation. It concludes by calling for a multidisciplinary deepening based on computational thinking and monitoring the adequacy of academic training, to ensure better job placement for the architect and meet his/her responsibility to transform desires into tangible realities.


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