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Above a small snapshot of the scripts/codes developed and implemented to improve analysis outcomes and workflows

Foster + Partners

Professional Role: Environmental Design Analyst

  • Environmental Design Analyst
  • R&D
  • Tools, Scripting & Coding improvements
  • Parametric Design

Role Breakdown

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Professional Experience
I was involved in about 25 medium-large projects such as residential buildings, offices (F+P Campus), residences and retail (like the Apple store in Tokyo). From the East to the West of the Globe, I performed assessments on daylighting, solar radiation, annual glare, radiance rendering, shadows, solar access, sky-views, climate framework report, and wind analysis (as requested by the Environmental Engineering team).

Through the computational approach and coding in python/C#, I contributed to the R&D phases with Senior and Associate colleagues regarding the adoption of new tools for environmental simulations and preparing some presentations for the team on the improvement and optimization of standard workflows. In particular, I have produced algorithms for the improvement of specific environmental analysis routines:

  • enhanced the bespoke python script/tools for the wind and glare analysis (about the DGP assessment).
  • Improved visual programming script (adding some python / C # grasshopper components) in the bespoke Ladybug / Honeybee definition, especially for solar access, solar radiation and daylighting analysis.
  • Parametric interoperability improved in terms of modelling organic facades in terms of WWR and generally in terms of parametric modelling.

The foundations have been laid for the adoption of new environmental simulation tools in particular by ClimateStudio by Solemma and defined a simplified workflow for the interoperability aspects between BIM models and environmental / energy assessments.
The R&D work was carried out in a time period that can be classified as 5/8% of my overall monthly working hours and finally, materialized into a full-bodied report of over 70 pages.

In this sense, my personal goal was to simplify and support the team according to my personal skills, attitudes and enthusiasm.

As for all the big Companies, personal works/contributions are under strict NDA

A lovely leaving card from my colleagues (a special thanks to Mauro!)
I will be happy in sharing my personal experience

Interested in my works? see *About Me* section and contact me by email and/or by social