I got to work with several Architects, Firms, Companies, Universities such as...

When you work as a consultant for a Manufacturer who is constantly in contact with the world of architecture, design and art, you have the opportunity to explore your professional role from all points of view.

First of all, the comparison with different professional roles from the worker to the large architectural studio is real and without filters, it is you who interact and formalize, always in a team, the most appropriate solutions. In my case my role has taken on multiple values, dealing with 3D modelling, documentation, communication of design concepts, technical support for colleagues and other workers according to business needs, integrating my parametric and computational approach at different levels.

Professional Role: Architect, Computational Designer & Researcher

  • Improve material performance management and simulation
  • Workflow optimization from the design team to the production
  • Management of R&D activities with universities (POLIMI, Univ. Perugia, Univ. Camerino, ILEK Stuttgart, Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin)
  • Development of algorithms to calculate/analyze the material performance
  • POLIMi algorithm management for structural optimization
  • Digitization / Render Viz of i-Mesh patterns
  • Parametric Environmental Design

Role Breakdown

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Relevant projects where I have been involved

Pandemic time
I-Mesh, Trussardi e la Cabina

There is always a pinch of #ComputationalThinking in a sketch! Thanks to #iMesh, #ViewportStudio, #Equilibri and obviously #Trussardi Alla Scala. Stay tuned!   Here the article –> https://bit.ly/i-MeshTrussardiCabina Related...

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