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Parametric Environmental Climate Adaptive Design

Parametric Environmental Climate Adaptive Design: The Role of Data Design to Control Urban Regeneration Project of Borgo Antignano, Naples

The summary of my master’s thesis was reported in this paper: “Parametric environmental climate-adaptive design”. In “Renew the Urban Space” you can find the effective and original workflow with all parametric tools involved in this research field as a paradigm shift —> You can find the ebook here <—


Urban Planning and Architectural Design for Sustainable Development (UPADSD)

The role of cities in resisting to the effects of Climate Change has become a central issue in world politics. Towns and metropolis, home for the 50% of the world population (in 2030 will be 70%), are delegated to implement strategies and actions to mitigate and adapt to climate conditions in the next future, increasing the capacity to cope with a changing climate. Europe, and in particular the south, is projected to the exacerbation of high temperatures and drought and a reduction in water availability (IPCC, 2007), an apparent southward shift of temperatures, making the open
spaces of the cities, places hardly livable during the warmer seasons. For vulnerable groups such as children, elders and people with serious diseases, the increase of temperatures provoques illness and death, especially during heatwaves.


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Please if you want to cite this Research work (in publication phase) totally or partially, enter this DOI reference: DOI: 10.1016/j.sbspro.2015.12.092


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