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Parametric Thermal Comfort Calculator: MET, Icl and PMV & PPD index

Simple component to evaluate and calculate some useful information about (reference ISO 7730):

  • Metabolic Equivalent of Task (MET and Watt) in order to activity category, type, gender and body features
  • Clothing insulation (Icl) is the thermal insulation provided by clothing
  • Predicted mean vote (PMV) is an index that predicts the mean value of the thermal sensation votes (self-reported perceptions) of a large group of persons on a sensation scale expressed from -3 to +3 corresponding to the categories “cold,” “cool,” “slightly cool,” “neutral,” “slight warm,” “warm,” and “hot.”
  • Predicted Percentage of Dissatisfied (PPD)

The PMV/PPD model was developed by P. O. Fanger using heat balance equations and empirical studies about skin temperature to define comfort. Standard thermal comfort surveys ask subjects about their thermal sensation on a seven-point scale from cold (-3) to hot (+3). Fanger’s equations are used to calculate the Predicted Mean Vote (PMV) of a large group of subjects for a particular combination of air temperature, mean radiant temperature, relative humidity, air speed, metabolic rate, and clothing insulation.

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