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WireX: a smart Grasshopper’wires connector/disconnector

How many of you have tried to connect multiple components to the same component? That is, having to manually repeat a decidedly tiring number of times the same connection operation or even disconnections of every single wire of the Grasshopper components? Well, while waiting for David Rutten’s Grasshopper v2, an intuitively valid method has always been to adopt the Data component trick as a “dummy” for connectionsAlthough this intuition was particularly debated on the official and non-official forums dedicated to McNeel’s grasshopper, I decided to definitively strengthen this intuition and include it in Ambrosinus-Toolkit v1.2.5.

Below is the WireX component, a smart way to connect and disconnect multiple wires from different components:

"WireX" component (NEW)
WireX GH description

First of all, you need to select the components on the canvas that you intend to connect to a given component as input or output (the same principle applies in the case of disconnection).
IN_OUT allows you to take into account only the input parameters of the selected components (True) or the output parameters (False).
Param represents the index that identifies the input/output parameter of the selected components. In this regard, I have included a series of feedback on the component to avoid anomalous behaviour (if you find any bugs please let me know, thanks).
Connect/Disconnect doesn’t need any explanation 😅.
Clean button cleans up all the “dummy” Data components created during the connection/disconnection processes from the canvas.

TIP: To make the most of this new component and be able to quickly recall it on the Grasshopper canvas, I suggest creating a specific Snippet and that’s it!

The video at the bottom of the page is probably more eloquent than any explanation.

Video demo

if you watch it on my YouTube channel it is possible to jump among different highlights 😉

Please, let me know where and how have you used this in your projects!
I am eager to hear about this 😉

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