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Studio di Architettura Giancarlo Priori works

Giancarlo Priori is an Italian architect, student of Paolo Portoghesi, essayist, journalist, theorist, and professor of Architectural and Urban Composition. Research, at the basis of every intellectual activity and founding humus of the discipline, was for Priori the key to building and defining a methodology and a theory to express his thoughts and his idea of Architecture. Priori’s architectural vision is rooted in art, nature and science and has transversal themes as references including place, city, memory, symbol, beauty, light, form, and space. He is the author of 44 books which have allowed him to investigate disciplinary problems critically.

<strong><span style='color:#a9a9a9;font-size:14px;'>Projects </span></strong></br>Cimitero di Nettuno

Cimitero di Nettuno

Proposta progettuale per l’ampliamento del Cimitero di Nettuno. Collaborazione con lo Studio Priori, i colleghi di ARS-A e il maestro scultore Nicola Carrino.  

Offerta migliorativa: Casal di Giano

Offerta migliorativa: Casal di Giano

Riconversione dei Casali di Giano (Roma) in una struttura di accoglienza per anziani. In collaborazione con lo studio di progettazione Priori e i colleghi di ARS-A.

Trolly Drinking Table – Casaidea 2012

Trolly Drinking Table – Casaidea 2012

“Il Servetto: carrelli, tavolini e piccoli mobili di servizio” Progetti partecipanti Officina delle arti Casaidea  

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