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I am an Architect and a PhD in Sustainable Technologies, Recovery and Representation of Architecture and the Environment at the University of Naples “Federico II” – DiARC (Department of Architecture).
I was born in Naples, graduated as a surveyor with honours, I live a “short” academic parenthesis of 5 years as a student of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Naples “Federico II”. Having supported more than 20 exams I decide to change air-enrolling at the Faculty of Architecture in Naples, where I graduated with honours with a thesis in environmental design and parametric design and its publication.

Independent researcher in the Environmental Design & Algorithms-Aided Design.
I have had the opportunity to face and solve, according to a computational thinking approach, some design aspects of the Apple iOS Developer Academy of Naples (my PhD case history).


Architect ,Computational Designer & Researcher for i-Mesh Architextile:

- Improve material performance management and simulation
- Workflow optimization from the design team to production
- Management of R&D activities with universities (POLIMI, Univ. Perugia, Univ. Camerino, ILEK Stuttgart, Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin)
- Development of algorithms to calculate/analyze the material performance
- POLIMi algorithm management for structural optimization
- Digitization / Render Viz of i-Mesh patterns,
- Parametric Environmental Design

Active member of the Digital Architect B.I.M. commission of the Naples Architects Order “Ordine APPC di Napoli” (National Architects Register)

What I like

Operate in the field of design and construction using methodologies based on the computational approach to technological design and information modelling to consolidate a profile of skills that qualify as a “design technologist”. I used a lot of different software such as Catia, AutoCAD, REVIT+Dynamo, Archicad, Rhino+Grasshopper (I am ART), 3D Studio Max, Cinema4D, V-Ray. About data Viz: Excel, Tableau Public, Power BI (Microsoft), Processing ..and many other… sometimes I like scripting and coding in C#/C++ and Python (GH).

Able to learn new software tools as the work requires.

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I am not a Programmer but, as a “Digital” Architect,
I like “breaking and hacking” the code
to better performing/optimising
the Architectural project and its design.

Luciano Ambrosini
Arch | PhD | Computational designer