AI explorations inside Grasshopper and Rhino

I have coded the very first components in C# and CPython to elaborate the requesting prediction processes provided by OpenAI and StabilityAI platforms. Thanks to their API (Application Programming Interfaces) now you can manipulate the production process inside a unique design environment

AI as rendering engine locally via Grasshopper

Dense Prediction Transformers (DPT)

Ask to OpenAI for design tips...

StabilityAI (Stable Diffusion)

OpenAI "Variation mode"

OpenAI "Edit mode"



Artificial Intelligence GenerativeArt Exploration

AI generative design/art exploration by AI platforms

About Algoethics and Algocracy

Observations regarding the diffusion of AI in our society, these "free and loose thoughts" will be deployed in parts


An existentive problem


Accessibility to Knowledge to be aware and not delegate an antronomist

Flexible Design and Scripting: a Computational tale in the Digital Era

Key aspects for critical reading of the technological paradigm shift in the architectural design field

Study of the

When were Parametric Architecture and VPL platforms born?


Grasshopper leads the AEC computational market by three fundamental keys

Aish_learning rate graph-01

Heuristic and pedagogical dimension of Computational Design

The thesis always becomes the intellectual ground where personal research and curiosity starts

these two works have practical and intellectual as well as historical continuity in laying the foundations for a new segment of scientific research in the technological-environmental design field at the DiARC since 2014

My master's thesis degree was my first step foot on the Environmental and Computational Design themes, directly applied to architecture and design challenges in the digital era.

I was fairly lucky to be the first student at DiARC (2014-2015) to experiment with the parametric/computational approach to environmental projects/assessments and research focused on large and small urban scales. VPL approach as a design management tool for a better decision-making assessment.

- I was the ice-breaker

My PhD thesis represents the first attempt to integrate BIM design with computational design based on coding/scripting (but not only) and the tools' interoperability - my motto was "demo or die". Through the case study of the first Apple iOS Developer Academy in Naples as a proof of concept, I contributed to its realization through the technical-scientific collaboration between DiARC and Apple Int. Dist.
An equally important aspect on which I tried to lead the way regarding the attention that academies should give to the mutation of the professional role of the architect as a profession strongly involved in the technological and cultural paradigm shift driven by the digital age.

my Research, Lab and experimentation

Research is what I’m doing when I don’t know what I’m doing

Wernher von Braun
Scientist and Engineer