Playing around Computational BIM & Computational Design: the Twisted-Foils

These days I’m really regretting the good old and I really hope that soon returns in other guises. However, I have systematized a simple workflow that allows me to perform some practical interoperability operations (not live connections) between Revit+Dynamo and Rhino+Grasshopper. On the one hand for research purposes, on the other for personal curiosity, […]

Meta-Design and Data viz
Simple UI + Users’ Feedback

Development of a single interface for displaying metadesign suggestions guides simultaneously to the visual outputs of user feedback. A result that sets the basis for a post-employment analysis to be explored in a specific research.  

Hack the problems
Main Classroom pre-installation scheme

Procedure to make chairs positioning easy (and the scheme printing too).
main problem was preserving chairs orientation, to reach that condition I had to provide the exact position of the anchor points (4 pts for each chair – 200 chairs). At the end, by a very simple “hack”, I optimized the printing procedure splitting the draws printing layouts with ref. (plotter A0 roll – A0 max dimension fixed).

BAF e RIE: approccio parametrico visuale

Nell’ambito della progettazione architettonica ed urbana ricorrere ad un approccio algoritmico consente di migliorare il flusso di lavoro del progettista quando si affrontano problematiche da discretizzate in termini numerici e di indici/indicatori prestazionali e, più in generale, se la proposta di intervento deve rispondere a specifici benchmark progettuali da valutare e verificare. «La progettazione parametrica assume valore […]