the Architect's notebook
Weaving space: between material networks, light textures and soft architecture [Tessere lo spazio: tra reti materiali, trame leggere ed architettura morbida]

Contemporary architecture is experiencing a transition towards more flexible and adaptable forms, which overcome the rigidity of Modernism. A search is underway for design solutions which, while maintaining construction precision, can accommodate society’s changing needs. Thus new concepts of space were born, among which the poetic visions of the Superstudio group and the concept of “Soft Architecture” theorized by Nicholas Negroponte.

Food for thought
The Work of Art in the Age of “Mechanical” Reproduction: Reflections in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

In his seminal essay “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction,” Walter Benjamin deeply explored how the techniques of mechanical reproduction made possible by photography and cinema in the early 20th century radically transformed the status, aura, and value of artworks. Today, in the era of artificial intelligence, we find ourselves facing a new revolutionary turning point in the reproducibility of art, with even more disruptive consequences.