i-Mesh R&D
Structural Design optimisation – the Making of joints

The main challenge of this interesting project born from the collaboration of the Miralles Tagliabue and the i-Mesh studio was to create a structural module, based on the concept provided by the international architecture studio, capable of being covered with hi-tech made fabric. by Alberto Fiorenzi. The project concerned the development of a part of […]

i-Mesh R&D
i-Mesh – Structural Design | Sample breaking-strength by directions

One of the most stimulating challenges for a computational designer is undoubted, in my opinion, finding solutions to problems. It is certainly of vital importance to first define the problem (problem making) and then, thanks to the inspiration and investigative sensitivity, implement strategies and techniques more suitable to solve the problem (problem-solving). If you want […]

Conference paper and e-Book
Apple Developer Academy Computational Design for the digital genesis of Smart Environments

Thanks to SITdA (Italian Society of Architecture Technology) and Maggioli Editore for this opportunity. more info go to my page on Researchgate–> https://bit.ly/AppleAcademy-LA_SITdA     Apple Developer Academy Computational Design for the digital genesis of Smart Environments The design paradigm-shift towards a procedural status is the result of design, becoming structurally defined by the dynamic […]

Pandemic time
I-Mesh, Trussardi e la Cabina

There is always a pinch of #ComputationalThinking in a sketch! Thanks to #iMesh, #ViewportStudio, #Equilibri and obviously #Trussardi Alla Scala. Stay tuned!   Here the article –> https://bit.ly/i-MeshTrussardiCabina

i-Mesh current experience
When You work as a Consultant

When you work as a consultant for a Manufacturer who is constantly in contact with the world of architecture, design and art, you have the opportunity to explore your professional role from all points of view. First of all, the comparison with different professional roles from the worker to the large architectural studio is real […]

E-House: residenze ad alta densità abitativa

Risultato del lavoro di ricerca del Laboratorio di sintesi finale (prof.ssa arch. Rejana Lucci). Realizzazione di un complesso residenziale ad alta densità abitativa da insediare nella periferia est di Napoli.

Cimitero di Nettuno

Proposta progettuale per l’ampliamento del Cimitero di Nettuno. Collaborazione con lo Studio Priori, i colleghi di ARS-A e il maestro scultore Nicola Carrino.  

Offerta migliorativa: Casal di Giano

Riconversione dei Casali di Giano (Roma) in una struttura di accoglienza per anziani. In collaborazione con lo studio di progettazione Priori e i colleghi di ARS-A.

BAF, RIE, PMV benchmark per il progetto
Gli strumenti per il controllo ambientale: qualità ecologica delle superfici e benessere percepito

Below the slides from a brief lesson with a little practice about ecological and comfort benchmarks useful to perform a better urban design. When I was an assistant at the University of Naples, degree course in Territorial, Urban and Landscape-Environmental Planning – ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGICAL DESIGN – prof. arch. Mario Losasso | Here the link     […]