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10 questions 
Homo Talent interview

The original interview in Italian lang is here: thanks to homo talent staff, above all Cesare!


What is talent for you?

Talent is something that is cultivated, but you have to take paths that enable you to learn to communicate empathically with your inner self. Refining over time it transforms into the ability to adapt to changes and to be able to overturn the traditional perspective with which recurring critical issues are observed.


The 3 most important values ​​for you

Respect, honesty, kindness.


A film that represents you

Così parlò Bellavista of Luciano De Crescenzo.


What do you currently do?

I am an architect, PhD and computational designer, therefore, I am often focused on issues related to architecture, product design, representation of the built world and, in particular, computational design – a new way, a new language of doing, researching and think about design in a broad sense.


The personal and / or professional project that gave you the greatest rewards?

Just for chronological reasons, the opportunity to earn a job in the field without any support. A path started during university studies in which I have always dealt with critical issues from a different and always innovative point of view. A nice gratification was the presentation of the Apple iOS Developer Academy project, together with all the members of the technical committee of Federico II, in the presence of the Rector Manfredi, the former Minister Giannini and Lisa Jackson.


If you were the head of government or the mayor of your city, what would be the first three measures that you would implement in 100 days?

Equal job and study opportunities for all, establishing iron-clad meritocratic criteria (rational and emotional intelligence);
Economic concessions for those who demonstrate value in the field;
Right to the family for young citizens.


Starting from your personal experience, how do you think your professional sector will evolve?

The architecture and design sector is rapidly changing as it is strongly driven by new information technologies, however not many institutional realities have caught on to the change in time. The computational thinking applied to the design represents the real driving force to the way of doing architecture, to the way of designing – BIM (Building Information Modeling) is only the tip of the iceberg and too often a mirror for the larks – it will be necessary more and more often to free oneself from the limits imposed by software (re-programming) to understand and interact with the nature that surrounds us. The latest experiments that I proposed on my website were all made in a garage or simply in a small room and a great desire to do – in 5 or 10 years there will no longer be any distinction between architect and engineer, we will probably talk about “experience designer ”(just like for video games).


How do you see yourself in 10 years?

I would like to see myself in the family, next to loved ones, next to collaborators and friends who share passions and interests with me. I hope I still have a lot of curiosity and strength in facing serious issues of life. Why not, maybe even at the head of a start-up … who knows.


How do you imagine Italy in 10 years?

After the first real test of survival, union and solidarity in these times of pandemic (in which our country is setting an example) … I hope that Italy is better than how we have learned to know it and live it to this day.


If Italy was a song or a book

Nessun dorma – Turandot, Giacomo Puccini.

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