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BIM Talk Episode 0 – Introduction to the Computational/Parametric Design

Born from a personal effort of three professionals (Roberto Di Maio and Vittorio Boemio, I applaud all those who have proactively contributed to the initiative.
Episode 0 introduced a lot of innovation especially in the communication and, personally, I am happy to have been among the first to introduce the computational approach to architecture and product design to the Thematic Commission (APPC Order of Naples and Province) – we started with the terminological adequacy as well as the meaning.

the works continue … (some slides below)




Information seminar reserved for members of the Order for the dissemination of BIM culture in the AEC environment
The initiative was born with the intention of starting a cycle of appointments in which increasingly complex topics can be addressed, starting from introductory themes, to encourage professional updating in the Digital Age.

In the Episode (zero), lasting 2 hours, it will range from issues of digital culture to those relating to current legislation and, through the description of the new professional figures that are emerging in the contemporary working context, an overall overview of the state will be provided. of the art of technology in the AEC / software field.

The seminar will be delivered in streaming mode and with short interactive surveys.
2 CFPs will be issued for Architects who will participate in the BIM Talk Episode 0 event



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