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Numerology experiment: Alkemyc Kaballah “What’s in a name?”

Since the time of the Pythagoreans, it has been clear to conscious humanity, interested in the profound and esoteric knowledge of reality, that numbers are the basis of everything, that everything is represented through numbers, and that every relationship between objects is its number.

In this article, I introduce “Alkemyc Kaballah” a nice Grasshopper component just added in Ambrosinus Toolkit v1.2.6. Interpret it as a game, a pastime that will cheer up the most curious, those of you who enjoy reading horoscopes occasionally or looking at numbers differently.

However, behind the scenes, I would like to underline that the creation of this Grasshopper component is an experiment (albeit personal) in numerology inspired by the tradition of Jewish Kaballah.
Numerology is the study of the symbolic meaning and influence of numbers. Kabbalah is a system of Jewish mysticism and magic that uses numerology to interpret the Bible and the world. Kabbalah numerology is based on the Hebrew alphabet (I converted it to our alphabet system thanks Pythagorean system) and the belief that the world is created through the power of numbers.
According to Kabbalah numerology, each letter of the alphabet has a numerical value, and these values are used to calculate the numerical value of words and phrases. By finding the Kabbalah number of your name, you can discover your life path, soul purpose, and hidden potential.
As often happens in design at any level, be it architectural, IT or simply programming, I started from this hermetic inspiration through programming (this time in C#) – let me say storytelling behind a project –  I tried to transfer some contents present in a couple of texts [1] [2] focused on these topics.
It is something that from a certain point of view is strictly mathematical, while from another point of view, it is something irrational: it represents perceiving the meaning and symbol of the number, and the energy it contains within itself, it is a recognition that mathematics and spirit are not at all opposed – as the authors of the texts taken as reference describe.

The developed code refers to the numbers from 0 to 9 as archetypes that are part of the fundamental structure of earthly and human reality and are in some way the basis of material life: without them, there would be chaos.
The concept of numbers is to give order to life in all its forms and expressions (engineers will agree with me 😉). Materiality is made of numbers. Everything that exists is composed of vibrations, cycles, and frequencies, in short, everything has its own number. Zero, for example, is not taken into consideration because it represents the before and after of a state, of an event, or the presence or absence of a number.

The authors Picchi and Balocchi, in their book, write:

“Modern physics states that our Universe is an immense “machine” that vibrates according to peculiar rhythms. It is known that light, electricity and magnetism are wave phenomena and that the primary elements at the basis of matter (subatomic particles, atoms and molecules) are subjected to continuous and immutable oscillatory movements. One could say that an atom is like a miniature solar system, to prove what Hermes Trismegistus states in the Emerald Tablet with the famous phrase: “What is below is similar to what is above, and what is above is similar to that which is below, to produce the miracles of the one thing.”

Pythagoras, who had been initiated into the great mysteries in Egypt in the temple of Heliopolis, where he stayed for about 22 years, stated that number is the law of the Universe and that unity is the law of God.

He was convinced that every being and everything in the Universe were subject to preordained progressive cycles, and that to measure these cycles the numbers from 1 to 9 should be used.

Furthermore, Pythagoras expressed the polar nature of numbers very clearly when he alluded to the “double species of number, whose law is contrast”.

In fact, the vibrations that the number represents can be manifested, throughout life, in a positive and constructive way, or in a negative and destructive way.

Plato, in the Epinomis, defines numbers as the highest degree of knowledge.

The relativity of creation is entirely summarized in geometry and mathematics, and therefore everything is expressed, manifested, through number which is precision, time, space, measurement, quantity and quality.

Number is a particular and analytical aspect of absolute Unity: everything in nature obeys absolute laws, of which number is the key to interpretation.

If God is immanent and hidden in all creation, number is the external and obvious expression of him.

In the idea of number, common people and some scholars only see the expression of a quantity, while an initiate also and above all recognizes in it a manifestation of quality which, with its geometric structure, represents a precise order and universal vibratory rhythm”

Juliet, in Shakespeare’s tragedy, asked herself anguished and tormented:
What’s in a name?”
And then she added:
«After all, a rose, even if we called it by another name, would always retain the same scent…»
With tenderness and great compassion for the sad epilogue of her love for her, I could answer that her personal details (name, surname and date of birth) were a harbinger of her unfortunate fate.

Don’t believe in it…but check it out! 🔮🧙‍♂️

In short, the outputs generated

In any case, in my Numerology experiment through Grasshopper, I tried to put all this together by entering text strings (Name, Surname, date of birth – after selecting the two languages currently available such as Italian and English). In esoteric Numerology, personal data are used according to a very specific sequence, in order to obtain the numbers that correspond to certain energy levels in a person’s life – as the authors write. These energies are grouped into 3 main levels, which in turn are divided into 3 groups, to which the Supreme Synthesis will be added, as follows: 

– Energies of the mental body
– Energies of the emotional body
– Energies of the physical-etheric body: synthesis

– Energies that represent the totality of the residual impersonal karmic debt, accumulated in previous lives, which will have to be eliminated in future lives.
– Energies that represent the karmic situation encountered in this life in the family and social sphere.
– Energies that represent the part of the total residual impersonal karma that is faced in this life (incarnation): the synthesis.

The personal data is combined with these 3 energy levels as follows:

Creative energies of Heaven: Date of birth
– Creative energies of the Earth: Name + Surname
– Creative energies of life, the synthesis: Name + surname + date of birth

– Energies of the mental body: Date of birth
– Emotional body energies: Name + Surname
– Energies of the physical-etheric body, synthesis: Name + surname + date of birth 

– Energies that represent the totality of the residual impersonal karmic debt, accumulated in previous lives, which will have to be eliminated in future lives: Date of birth
– Energies that represent the karmic situation encountered in this life in the family and social context: Name + Surname
– Energies that represent the part of the total residual impersonal karma that is faced in this life (incarnation), the synthesis: Name + surname + date of birth 

Synthesis of the Creative Energies of the life level + Synthesis of the Energies of the personality level + Synthesis of the Energies of the spiritual level (i.e., the third number of each level).

– Alphanumeric transformations
– Addition
– Pyramiding
– Single-digit reduction
– Use of dictionary structure
– Fantasy
– Passion
– Desire to share and inspire

Alkemyc Kaballah v1.0

After entering the Name, Surname and date of birth of the interested person in the text format provided in the shared Grasshopper file, the user will see a series of information, deduced from the Kaballah including:

Lot: auspicious numbers from 1-90
Sky, Earth and Life
Mental, Emotional and PhyEtheric
DbtKarmic, LifKarmic and RsdlKarma

3 judgments of the oracle (supreme synthesis):
OracleLife, OraclePers and OracleKarma
2 evolutionary lines (major and minor):
ProfilEvo and VirtueFlaw

In addition of directly reading the Grasshopper output, I thought of integrating the possibility of printing this “Hermes Trismegistus Parchment” in PDF format. To do this I used the PDF+ plugin by the excellent David Mans 😉, as always downloadable from Food4Rhino.

So in addition to the .gh file, I also shared a simple 3dm file to allow the user to modify the final layout of the Hermes Parchment. In fact, the layout as it appears in the final PDF is not perfectly scalable by Rhino, so by moving the text boxes in the 3dm file (and possibly resizing the font size etc…) you will obtain the desired result.
The background image credits
Luciano Ambrosini + DALL-E (GPT-4) with 💖

"Alkemyc Kaballah" v1.0 component
Some related images
Grasshopper shared definition to create the PDF layount and Kaballah deductions
Deductions readable from Grasshopper
"Hermes Trismegistus Parchment" in PDF format

From Base64 to Bitmap and back

Base64 to Bitmap is a component that allows you to convert an image to the Base64 string format (translates an image into text based on its graphic pixels) and to convert the latter to the Image format (System.Drawing Bitmap) – basically the back and forth between these two formats.

Why did I add this component in the latest version of Ambrosinus Toolkit?

The answer is very easy. In order to internalize the background image of the Scroll of Hermes, through this component I stored my background image within the definition of Grasshopper (allowing the user to do the same with his favourite image) without the obligation to bring me the JPG file as attachment 😉.
In any case, my suggestion to speed up the configuration of the final layout is to disable the PDF+ component as shown in the figure, so as to speed up object manipulation operations in Rhino.

"B64ToBMP" component
"B64ToBMP" component - How to add a custom image into PDF+ definition in Alkemyc Kaballah

Video demo

if you watch it on my YouTube channel it is possible to jump among different highlights 😉


1. G. Picchi, L. Balocchi . 2017. Numerologia Esoterica Spirituale : Come Percepire Il Significato E Il Simbolo Del Numero E L’energia Che Racchiude in Sé : Tecniche Numeriche Per Riconoscere L’energia Di Ogni Individuo. Milano: Anima.

2. 1. L.N.R Ashley,2008. Numerologia : Tutti I Segreti Di Un’antica Arte Divinatoria. Mondadori.

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