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Guest lecture at Georgia Tech School of Architecture

Luciano Ambrosini guest lecturer at Georgia Tech School of Architecture (Atlanta, USA)

On January 26, 2024, thanks to the invitation of Professor Patrick Kastner (Researcher in the field of performance building and co-developer of Eddy3d – Grasshopper plugin for CFD analysis) – he offered me this important opportunity to talk about my research & works to his students of the Data-Driven approach to Architecture course at the Georgia Tech School of Architecture.
It was very interesting to know that the progress I made in broadening my vision of the meaning of computational design applied to architecture and my work experiences were useful (I hope) in inspiring students in their endeavours.

We also had the opportunity to talk about tools and the development of plugins for Grasshopper – so I had the chance to introduce my latest “garage” experiment, Ambrosinus Toolkit and what awaits us in the Era of Artificial Intelligence.

Ad maiora semper!

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