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Computational Methods for Architecture and Design course proposal by TPBennet for LSA – Advisors Roundtable

On February 21st, 2024, I took part as an expert consultant together with other experts in the sector, to discuss the first instance of the formation of a new teaching course focused on Computational Methods for  Architecture and Design at the London School of Architecture signed by the experts of the architecture and engineering firm TPBennet (London, UK).

I thank everyone very much for this exciting roundtable. Thank you, Giuseppe Bono (Computational Lead at TPBennet)! I appreciated your invitation.

My intellectual honesty allows me to say that it was my first experience in taking part in an advisor’s roundtable which represents one of the first fundamental steps that must be taken to create a teaching course of such level requisites. 

Many thanks, Allister Lewis for mentioning me and taking pictures of all of us 🤣 Happy having shared that virtual space with TPBennet, LondonSchoolofArchitecture, McNeel ❤️ and all the great professionals with admirable experience!

Advisors involved:
Arthur Mamou-Mani
Christopher Pierce 
Carlos Pérez Albà 
María Páez González 
Luciano Ambrosini 
Thomas Teatum
Justin Spooner 
Andres Gonzalez 
Ppaolo Vimercati 
Daniel Davis 
Samantha Hardingham

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I am eager to see further steps forward,
Ad Maiora Semper!

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