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AI “diffusion” in Architecture essay in Compasses n.42 – the Architecture & Interior Design International Magazine | Middle East

Is there still space for human creativity in Architecture, now that AI is finding increasing relevance and applications in various fields? We discuss this in the latest issue of Compasses Magazine, issue number 42, entirely dedicated to investigating the effects and transformations in the architecture and design industry after the advent of artificial intelligence.

Abstract. The essay explores the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the field of architecture, focusing on the recent advances in Diffusion Models (DM), a type of generative AI that can produce realistic and coherent images from textual descriptions. The author illustrates how DM can be integrated into the design workflow, enabling architects to create and vary complex and visionary designs, edit them with masks, and use AI as a rendering engine. The article also discusses the challenges and limitations of AI, its relationship with the architect’s role and the likely future of architecture. Enjoy your reading!

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, LTGMs, Architecture, Diffusion Models, Generative AI, Workflows, Human-AI

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Fig. 1 "Silkpture": studi creativi per un’idea di mostra museale sui tessuti.
Fig. 1 "Silkpture": studi creativi per un’idea di mostra museale sui tessuti.
Dutch realism - Modern building
Dutch realism - Modern building
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, (42), pp. 29-36. .
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