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Guest lecture at PoliMi INDEXLAB – Adaptive Façade Studio course

March 6, 2024. Happy to have shared the vision behind the scenes of the Ambrosinus-Toolkit with the students of the Politecnico di Milano Adaptive Façade Studio course taught by Pierpaolo Ruttico. Thank you, Pierpaolo for reaching out and inviting me as a guest lecturer.

We have talked about my groundbreaking research 🔬 and delved into the fusion of cutting-edge technologies that generate images from descriptive text. We also opened a small window on the possibility of integration between methods based on #LTGMs and #DPT as a novel approach to computational design 🧠… in short, an interesting and very stimulating morning…especially for the feedback received from the students!

More info here –> Talks – INDEXLAB

I’ve always strived to ignite even the smallest spark of innovation. That’s why I’m passionate about ATk and my vision of a computational approach to architecture. I steer clear of mere “fancy image generators” but I am incredibly fascinated by the procedures🌟

Ad maiora semper!

#polimi #INDEXLAB #computationalthinking #computationaldesign #AEC #adaptivefacadestudio #ATk #Ambrosinus #Grasshopper #LargeScaleEra

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